Well I think that the old website needed an overhaul. It was starting to look grungy and in all honesty, it was done in a hurry. Not that I actually have more time on my hands because I don't but with Julie away from the house more now with School and her other commitments and snow all over the place I had better get some form of exercise.

What is the one philosophy that drives TOWNSIN.US? We believe that no matter where you go, you should always be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of a good webpage on the INTERNET in a comfortable environment. At home, reading the morning paper pop over to TOWNSIN.US. Connect to the INTERNET conversing with a confidant on an instant messanger. Or perhaps in some foreign land, TOWNSIN.US will be greeting you like an old friend. After all, TOWNSIN.US is a ritual website that transcends all cultural boundaries. It makes us feel alert, energetic and alive.

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Well my website is at a point of being able to be released BUT it is by no means finished - There is a ton of work to do. I have to get a chat/guest book going and the Quick Links below aren't working and all the vacation photo's need sorting out:

All the links to websites on the left aren't finished - Oh my what have I done. I still think it's better than the last one:

Look out for a new beer section.

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